Innovative Battery Recycling Process by TES 'Highly Commended' by Reuters Responsible Business Awards 2020

TES' Battery Recycling Process has been recognised in the Sustainability Innovation Award category

​​​The world’s resources are finite, and businesses must close the loop on existing take-make-dispose models that are placing unsustainable levels of pressure on our planet. Lithium batteries present one such challenge.

There has been an exponential increase in demand for these batteries, driven by their compatibility with smartphones, laptops, and other applications like IoT devices and electric vehicles.

However, vital components within Lithium batteries, such as Lithium itself and Cobalt, are currently widely mined as virgin materials to satisfy demand. Some forecasts predict these elements will be completely exhausted within 100 years.

TES’ innovative battery recycling process closes that loop by offering the best recovery and purity rates in the industry. This enables materials such as Lithium and Cobalt to be extracted and then reused in the forward manufacturing supply chain.

TES is proud to announce that our process was recently recognised by the Reuters Responsible Business Awards 2020’s Sustainability Innovation Award.

According to Reuters, this award recognises companies that have developed an innovation in a sustainability initiative enabled by technology. TES stood above the formidable competition in the category from UPS, Kraft Heinz, Maersk and Formula 1. Winners in other categories included Coca Cola, Goldman Sachs, Dow, and Verizon, to name a few.

“The judges recognised TES’ great potential to deliver clear and measurable benefits that will grow with the network and infrastructure at an increased scale.” - Reuters Responsible Business Awards 2020

“TES has always set high standards in our commitment to sustainability and will continue to invest in innovative technology like battery recycling to ensure we are doing our part in the circular economy. We fundamentally believe that solving these kinds of challenges can be good for the planet and business at the same time.” - Eric Ingebretsen, TES Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

TES’ battery recycling facilities in Singapore and France have the capacity to handle 15 tonnes of Lithium batteries each day, the equivalent of 300,000 smartphone batteries. Matched with a recovery rate exceeding 95% in extracting elements of Lithium and Cobalt to 99% purity levels, the process offers a ready-made solution for manufacturers, governments, and others looking to close the loop in their battery streams.

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Founded in 2005, TES is a circular economy leader focused on helping customers with the commissioning, deployment, and retirement of IT assets. As the largest ITAD company in the world, TES understands common challenges faced when managing IT equipment throughout its lifecycle. Our bespoke, cost-effective solutions address these issues while achieving compliance with all local and international data security, environmental, and industry regulations.

TES is backed by Navis Capital Partners, one of the largest private equity firms in Southeast Asia, with over $6 billion under management. TES’ unrivaled global footprint is comprised of 40 locations across 22 countries and over 1,750 employees. Our mission is to create outstanding value for our customers, employees, stakeholders, and the global community by leveraging our unique combination of security, value recovery, and environmental expertise.

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