TES Honored with Prestigious SEAL Sustainability Award for its Innovative End-of-Life Batteries Management

TES, a global pioneer in IT lifecycle solutions, is thrilled to announce its receipt of the esteemed 2023 Sustainability, Environmental, Achievement and Leadership (SEAL) Business Sustainability Award. This recognition celebrates TES's unwavering commitment, leadership, and innovation in sustainable business practices, particularly its game-changing approach to end-of-life batteries management. 

With over two decades of success in e-waste recycling, TES has developed innovative and sustainable battery treatment processes that yield recovery rates exceeding 90%. Boasting the highest commodity-grade rates in the industry, TES ensures that recovered materials are reusable in the manufacturing supply chain. 

"As an organization, TES is dedicated to stewarding a more sustainable future. We continuously invest in the latest technology to address the evolving challenges in battery treatment," Thomas Holberg, TES's Group Vice President—Sustainable Battery Solutions, commented. 

TES's facilities employ cutting-edge mechanical and hydrometallurgy processes for battery recycling, which significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared with traditional recycling methods. Moreover, the company's processes encompass a 100% wastewater recovery system. 

Strategically located sustainable battery treatment and recycling facilities across Grenoble, Rotterdam, Singapore, and Shanghai, along with 40+ owned facilities in over 21 countries, enable TES to operate as a global hub for battery pre-treatment. The company plans to further augment this expansive network. 

In Southeast Asia, TES's Singapore center leads the way by recovering scarce metals from batteries using advanced hydrometallurgy processes. This technological edge is poised to be adopted across all TES battery processing facilities, enhancing the regional value chain for battery treatment. 

As the demand for sustainable end-of-life solutions for lithium-ion batteries surges, driven by the growing need for portable electronics, energy storage, electric vehicles, e-bikes, and power tools, TES is committed to maintaining a circular economy through proper recycling and reuse. 

"The SEAL Awards commend visionary companies and leaders worldwide for their measurable contributions to sustainability and innovative environmental initiatives. This accolade is a testament to TES's determination to deliver incremental economic, social, and environmental outcomes over existing end-of-life technologies and approaches," Thomas Holberg concluded. 

About TES 

Since our formation in 2005, TES has grown to become a global leader in sustainable technology services and bespoke solutions that help clients manage the commissioning, deployment, and retirement of technology devices and components. 

We provide comprehensive services for technology devices throughout their lifecycle—from deployment to decommissioning to disposition—all the way through to recycling and end-of-life repurposing. This includes innovating new processes to leverage the value locked in assets if they are to be recycled, such as our proprietary lithium battery recycling process, which extracts scarce materials from used batteries at purity rates high enough that they can be reused in the manufacturing supply chain. 

We have made it our mission to make a decade of difference by securely, safely, and sustainably transforming and repurposing one billion kilograms of assets by 2030. Our 43 owned facilities across 21 countries offer unmatched service-level consistency, consistent commercials, lower logistics costs, local compliance experts in-region, support in local time zones and languages, and a deep understanding of the global transboundary movement. 

About SK ecoplant 

The business model of SK ecoplant is an eco-friendly ecosystem platform that links its technologies with humans, the environment, and finance. SK is building sustainable lifestyles with our creative solutions and advanced technologies, offering solutions to current problems and sowing the seeds for a better future. 

SK ecoplant is building a financial story that manifests our commitment to a new future. As proven by our acquisition of a leading company in the environmental industry, we are taking steps to achieve our goal of becoming "Asia's leading environmental business by 2023," with clear, concrete mid- and long-term strategies for each business sector.

Source: TES