TES Wins Microsoft's MAR Partner Innovation Award and Twice Shortlisted in Reuters Events' Responsible Business Awards

 Technology lifecycle leader TES continues to build its presence as an innovative technology lifecycle partner with two new distinctions - winner of the Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher (MAR) Partner Innovation Award and finalist in two categories of the Reuters Events' Responsible Business Awards for 2020.

"TES is beyond delighted to receive the 2020 MAR Innovation Award from Microsoft," said Jim Meadowcroft, TES Group Director of Value Recovery/Remarketing. "This achievement reflects our continued push to get useable refurbished technology in the hands of those that need it most. TES is committed to sustaining tomorrow as we believe that our future is linking with the success of people and the planet," Meadowcroft added.

In recognising TES, Microsoft cited these standout achievements:

  • FY20 - Year on year growth of 80%+;
  • Building a refurbished device channel and offering devices through an online marketplace;
  • Building a refurbished device brand in Europe sold directly online and through developing partner networks;
  • Recruiting Third Party Refurbishers in Asia across six countries in FY20;
  • Working with a PC original equipment manufacturer on a donation programme in Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) and Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA), which included shipping retired laptops to donation recipients post-data sanitisation, refurbishment, and MAR, while providing warranty support;
  • Developing trade in portal and Employee Purchase Programme with key clients while leveraging the MAR programme; and
  • Implementing the COVID PC Donation project with local community NGOs to underprivileged kids for learning from home in EMEA and APJ.

In Reuters Events' 2020 Responsible Business Awards, which acknowledge the world's most respected standards for responsible business excellence, TES was named a finalist in two categories: Sustainability Innovation and Circular Innovation.

Reuters recognised TES's innovative Closed Loop Battery Recycling and Reuse Initiative. TES has made strategic investments in circular solutions that achieve incremental economic, social, and environmental outcomes over linear take-make-dispose models for end-of-life technologies. The initiative responds to the continuously growing demand for lithium battery-powered devices, which consequently increases the demand on the raw materials required to create such devices. Further, those materials are sourced from countries where local political issues affect trade and supply. Sourcing such materials presents uncertainty, risk, and additional cost for the buyers.

TES employs innovative recycling processes and equipment, such as auto-punching machines, shredders, separators, and chemical treatments, to achieve high recovery of commodity-grade cobalt, lithium, and other commodity elements with no harmful emissions. Recycling capabilities, alongside reuse and re-purposing, are vertically integrated to build "second life" battery energy storage systems that extend product life and achieve high environmental outcomes with improved, more sustainable economics.

"Investing in technology that keeps TES at the forefront of the sustainability movement is in our DNA," said Gary Steele, TES Chief Executive Officer. "Looking ahead, by 2030, there will be over six million battery packs retiring from electric vehicles each year. There is year over year exponential growth projected in the mobility, IoT, and energy storage solutions spaces. The reality is that the global processing infrastructure does not have enough capacity today to provide those batteries the true closed-loop solutions they demand. At TES, we are committed to helping close that gap," Steele added.

About TES

Founded in 2005, TES is a circular economy leader focused on helping customers with the commissioning, deployment, and retirement of IT assets. As one of the largest IT lifecycle service providers in the world, TES understands the common challenges faced when managing IT equipment throughout its lifecycle. Our bespoke, cost-effective solutions address these challenges while ensuring compliance with all local and international data security and environmental and industry regulations.

TES is backed by Navis Capital Partners, one of the largest private equity companies in Southeast Asia with over US $6 billion under management. TES has an unprecedented global footprint and has expanded in 40 locations across 20 countries with more than 1,700 employees. Our mission is to create outstanding value for our customers, employees, stakeholders, and the global community by leveraging our unique combination of security, value recovery, and environmental expertise.

Source: TES